DBH同人誌頒布情報「My Loud Puppy」


※This article is about works banned for viewing and purchase by under-18s.  This article is an introduction to the work only; there are no 18-controlled expressions in the article.

DBH同人誌頒布情報「My Loud Puppy」

Detr○it: Bec○me Human同人誌の頒布情報です! 下部に本文サンプルございます。

2024年5月5日 SUPER COMIC CITY 31 -day2- 内、YOU MAKE THE SUPER STORY 2024、スペース【東6 ほ22b サークル:へこめ!鳩尾…。】にて発行予定です。

[ This information about Doujinshi is also available in English. Scroll down to see a sample image of the contents, and below that you will find the text😊]

【タイトル】「My Loud Puppy」

【ジャンル】Detr○it: Bec○me Human 二次創作・18禁指定・漫画



【初版】2024年 5月 5日


★イベント会場価格とは異なります。 各書店様と価格を揃えておりますが、書店様独自キャンペーン等により多少の差が生じる場合もございます。

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上記のような少々特殊な設定の為、18禁作品としてはえっち度がかなりマイルドな部類です。 いつも頑張っているアンドロイドをいいこいいこしてハッピーになって頂けますと幸いです!

※同人誌の頒布形態は全年齢か18禁かの二択なので、その合間のような措置が取れず厳しめのレーティングとなりました。 こちらをご覧の皆さまを含む全員の安全および界隈の存続の為に、ゾーニングにご協力頂けますようお願い申し上げます。

主な登場キャラ: コナ○(RK8○○)、ハン○・アンダ一ソン

検索用ワード: ハンコナ、HankCon



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About this Dojinshi (in English)

[Title] "My Loud Puppy"

The language used in the book is Japanese

[Genre] Detr○it: Bec○me Human Fanfiction, Restricted to those 18 years or older, manga / comic

[Character] Conn○r, Han○ Anderson (HankCon)

[Specification] A5 size, 26 pages (including cover), bound by a printing shop

[First edition] May 5, 2024

[Price] Mail order price 699yen (including consumption tax in Japan)

*This price is different from the price when the book is sold immediately at events. This price is in line with the price of each bookstore, but there may be some differences due to bookstore's own campaigns.

・Outline in English ↓

Nothing there!

This comic strip is about an odd fetish in which a lieutenant gropes and cuddles an android assistant investigator who has a smooth bottom half.

DBH HanCon

As the android has no genitals, there are no direct descriptions of sex or genitalia. However, this is packed with expressions unique to that condition. Please enjoy!

Due to the somewhat odd setting described above, this is a work for adults, but the eroticism is in a much milder category.

I hope you will be happy to see him loving an android who is always trying his best!

*The distribution format for doujinshi is either all-ages or 18+, so I, as the publisher, cannot take measures such as being in between the two. Therefore, I have been given a strict rating.

For the safety of everyone, including you, who is reading this, and for the survival of the neighbourhood, I ask you to please cooperate with the zoning. Thank you.

Main characters: Conn○r, Han○ Anderson

Search words : HankCon

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